Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Bunny Who Stole My Sister's Pacifier

There once was a bunny who stole my sister's pacifier.  She called her pacifier a "ga."  She loved it very much.  She always slept with it.  And she liked to suck on it in the morning.  My dad said that my sister was getting too old to suck on her pacifier now, so he cut off one end.  He asked my sister to give it to a baby bunny who lived in a bush in our backyard.  When she heard this, she didn't want to do it.  So she cried and made a fuss.  But finally, my dad explained to her that she was getting too old for it.  She kinda understanded  but she gave it to the baby bunny anyway.  Then we went back inside to wait for the baby bunny to take her pacifier.  After a while, the bunny came out again and took the pacifier.  Then we went outside again and my sister was surprised and started to fuss again.  Then she calmed down and my mom said that we have to buy a new pacifier for our new baby sister.  So she understood.  But she still likes to say, "Baby Bunny took my ga!"  The End

Dictated and illustrated by a 6-year-old girl

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