Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Rainbow of Tutus

Once upon a time, there was a rainbow of tutus.  It makes tutus for little girls in case they don’t have tutus for ballet.  They live in a faraway house and their grandma and grandpa live next to them.  Because they live next to their grandma and grandpa’s house, their house was next to the grandma and grandpa’s house...all the persons that don’t have any tutus for ballet.  One day they maded cookies and soup for dinner...and pasta.  So they went to the grandma and grandpa’s house to eat their dinner.  They ate everything on their plate and then they got to play with the toys and the Rapunzel castle too.  So, they took a bath after their dinner.  Then, they danced to music.  Then they went to bed and readed a story for naptime tomorrow.  The End.

Dictated and illustrated by a four-year-old girl

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